Hand Scribed Calligraphy

Spreading LOVE, one letter at a time.

Beautiful Calligraphy custom created for Envelopes, Wedding Vows, Poems, Songs, Certificates, Paintings and Photographs with Calligraphy, Bible Verses, Names and Words, etc.

Calligraphy is the art of writing beautifully. All of my calligraphy work is hand scribed using pen, inks and recently added markers. I have been working with calligraphy and calligraphy art for over twenty years and I happily serve customers from all around the world. 

As a calligrapher, it has been my very special honor to help hundreds of people share their Words, Poems, Songs and Love one letter at a time.

Consider Hand Scribed Calligraphy for:

  • Wedding Vows ( Very popular)
  • Anniversary Gifts (First Year is Paper!)
  • Bible Verses or Hymns
  • Custom Calligraphy for Poems, Letters and Songs, on paper or many other kinds of surfaces
  • including glassware, mirrors, wood, sports balls, plates, etc. 
  • Awards and Certificates (ie. Wedding, Birth, Sports, Graduation, Custom)
  • Books that are special (ie. The Bible, Wedding Guest Book, Custom)

All parts of the written word in Weddings and Events:

  • Invitations
  • Envelopes
  • Programs
  • Place Cards
  • Table Cards
  • Seating Charts 
  • Table Numbering/ Or Descriptive Table Cards
  • Menus Custom-designed 
  • Food Signs for Buffet Tables 
  • Signs custom designed for each unique event

Almost Anything that you can dream of having custom made, I can create for you!

Please feel free to call me at  716-913-4215 or email me at joan@handscribedcalligraphy.com
today to find out more about my services or to answer any questions you might have.

Thank you so much for visiting my website. I hope you find what you need!

Bringing the written word to life

About Joan Dobrin

In a world in which the written word has become digitized and automated, Joan Dobrin is one of very few Western New York artists specializing in traditional hand scribed calligraphy. 

Joan’s art career began in her late 20’s after she received her BFA in Fine Arts from SUNY University at Buffalo. After graduating from college, she taught art for five years as an instructor of adult education classes in 10 different locations throughout WNY.  An exhibit entitled "Older Adults Exploring The Arts" at the Albright Knox Gallery was a hit for the whole community to see. It  was a highlight of Joan's life. 

Over the years, Joan experimented with several types of art in which she discovered an affinity for calligraphy. Once she picked up a pen and made her first few strokes, the rest was history. Perfecting her trade every chance she got, Joan began doing calligraphy projects for family and friends, growing what started as a hobby into her own business. And, despite never being a football fan, she even had the opportunity to do Jim and Jill Kelly’s wedding invitations! For those that don't know, Jim Kelly was the quarterback for the Buffalo Bills.

Joan’s experience, attention to detail, and versatility with design are what truly sets her apart from other artists. She prides herself on working closely with all her customers to bring their individual visions to life. Whether it’s a bride’s wedding invitation envelopes or a still image of one’s pet, she strives to put the perfect handwritten touch on every piece she creates. Most importantly, Joan demonstrates a real passion for giving seemingly simple words and phrases the power of life and meaning. Her calligraphy flourishes in many forms, including wedding invitations, spirit filled art, photographs with calligraphy, and even personalized custom pieces of art with quotes, poems, or heartfelt messages. 

Though she loves the creative process, Joan finds the reactions to her work most rewarding, saying her calligraphy has at times brought people to tears. Through all her writing, her goal is to inspire others and spark emotion. As one customer says it best, “Joan’s amazing skill, creative energy, execution, and thoughtfulness come through each time.” 

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