Custom Designed

* Use the file upload (Located on the Contact Page) to send me your words. I can then tell you how many words you have. That will give us an idea of what size paper your words will fit on.
 ( You can find out how many words by using the Quick Check Word Count below )  
* Choose a font style Pick one or a few of the photos that you like on my website to have your vows hand scribed in and let me know that in your Comments.

* Tell me 2 things: Title of the Page (s), then row and column number of the photo's you like. 

* Choose a paper: If the paper is 11" by 14 " or smaller, choose between a yellowish gold (antique looking like the Declaration of Independence), an off white or ivory parchment paper. Any project larger than 11 by 14 will be off white.

* Your Custom Designed Piece will be shipped out Priority Mail within 10-14 days of placing your order.

* Water colors, Acrylics, pastels, glitter, markers etc. can be added to any piece.
 Minimum charge is $25. Just let me know if you would like this addition and we can discuss the details later. The time will increase by another 7-10 days. Rush orders are available for an additional fee. I usually recommend you talking directly with Jim Swinnerton if you are having him create a painting to go along with the wedding vows, once the initial order is placed.

Quick Check Word Count

Enter your text  into the area below 
and the tool will tell you the number of words that it contains.
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