Do you have any guidelines on wedding invitiation etiquette (i.e. how to write out the addresses properly) and wording etiquette?
Try this website  for a selection of etiquette guidelines, verse ideas, and tips.
How can I verify street addresses and zip codes in the US?
If you are uncertain about a ZIP Code whether the address is a "street" "drive", "road" or any other name, use the US Postal Service ZIP Code Lookup.
Do you have a list of quotes that can be used on my order?
What is the minimum order?
• There is no minimum order. The minimum fee is $15.00 for any order placed.
• Please call or email me to confirm the cost of your project.
What is your refund policy?
All orders are final. All deposits are non-refundable
What is the deposit and payment policy?
There is a deposit of 50% down. This deposit is nonrefundable. 
The balance including shipping is due and is nonrefundable once I complete the job and before it is shipped out. A date of when the balance is due will be given to you. Shipping is at the expense of the customer. Clients are responsible for all charges as listed on their invoice.
Do I need to have extra printed materials ? (i.e.: envelopes, place cards, table cards etc.)
YES.  It is recommended to have approximately 10- 15% more than your list says. Why? Because I am human and I can make spelling mistakes, the ink can run on the material, you might add a few people that you forgot at the last minute, and things you never know might just happen. So you must play it safe!! and honestly, it keeps your calligrapher ( that would be me) happy and not stressed to have extra!

Please note: for mistakes that I make, you need to notify me and I will fix the errors and send/ or give you them corrected. I will therefore hold on to extra printed materials until you have proofed my work. I will send back the extra envelops if you want me to.
When do you need to ship the items to be printed at my studio with the names list for the invitations, place cards, etc.?
The items to be printed and the information for your calligraphy job must be shipped and in my possession (the list or what text you want can be emailed ) within 3 weeks of when you want the job completed. This includes the time that the items need to be shipped back to you. (i.e.: California will take about 5 business days to get to you from here.) Otherwise, rush charges may be applicable.
How are items shipped?
I usually ship packages by USPS. I always pack them the same way you pack them to me and I allow the allotted time for the package to get to you. I cannot guarantee that products will be delivered on time and/or without damage.

Should you have any questions regarding my policies, please contact Joan.
Do you offer text in languages other than English?
Not at this time.
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