Paint & Calligraphy

Painting with Calligraphy

I work with a very talented watercolorist Jim Swinnereton.  We produce One Of A Kind pieces, as well as art work with backgrounds that are printed either through a professional printer OR on the computer.

Together, we    
For you to have your own poem/ lyrics/ words etc. hand scribed with watercolors, you need to:

* Use the file upload below to send me your "words". I can then tell you how many words you have. That will give you and me an idea of what size paper your piece will fit on.

* Choose a font style that you like by picking one or a few of the photos that you like on my website. Do not use the Font Styles for envelopes as your guide. Please look at different pages on this site before you decide what font you prefer. It really helps get the right font for your work. Let me know your decision in the comments area.

* Choose between a One of a Kind painting or have a background printed up to go along with your "words". There is a minimum charge of $50 for each One of a Kind Painting. Your piece will be shipped out Priority Mail within 2-3 weeks of placing your order. I usually recommend you talking directly with Lisa, once the initial order is placed.
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