Complete your project with Hand Scribed envelopes...a great way to make a first impression!

Leave a Lasting Impression with Hand Scribed Calligraphy: Envelopes
Hand Scribed Calligraphy is found on envelopes for any kind of occasion- Weddings, Showers, Graduations, Bar and Bas Mitzvahs, Confirmations, Anniversaries, and any other kind of Special Event.

Envelopes have three main components:

The style of calligraphy which includes the thickness of the letters
Your choice of Black "Squiggles" at no charge or either Gold or Silver “squiggles” for .25 (Flourishing that adds elegance to the inside envelop and shows that it is one of a kind)
How to layout the lettering on the envelopes
Samples of most styles have been included so you can see what an envelope will look like. If there is a particular style that you would like, please email the alphabet for review. You can usually get this from the company that is doing your invitations.

The thickness of the letters can either be thin or medium. Thick is not possible because it is hard to write out long names on one line and long cities, states and zip codes on another line if the letters are too big.

On the inside envelope you get to choose if you want gold or silver “squiggles” that are located to the left and to the right of the names.

Laying out the lettering on the envelope can be done in three ways.

All the lines start on the left and are in line with one another
Each line starts a little farther to the left so that you see a slant when it comes to the beginning of each line.
The zip codes can be written in a more modern way by having them on their own line and spaced out to the length of the name and address.
Please send with your envelopes a "Microsoft Word" listing of your names as soon as possible for the quickest turn around time. If the inside is different than the outside, please list it seperatly on the list exactly how you want it written. Depending on the size of your order, two to three weeks is needed to complete your project. Shipping time also needs to taken into consideration.

Extra Envelopes
It is essential that you order at least 10 percent more than your total list because the ink can run on the envelopes, you might add a few people at the last minute, addresses might change and the occasional human error. If you do not have extra ordered, you risk the chance of having to order more and that can take some time so it is best to play it safe!

Sending a list
Please list the people you are inviting to your special occasion. Format the list into one column on each page with a size 14 font using Microsoft Word. Files created in Microsoft Excel can be converted to Word. If you are using inner envelopes please indicate how you would like them written under the address. Thank you.

Custom Designed Wedding Packages including ORIGINALS for one or more of the following:

•    Wedding invitations
•    RSVP Card
•    Reception Card
•    Hand Scribed Envelopes
•    Wedding Vows

Feel free to call with any questions that you might have about hand scribing your special event.
joan@handscribedcalligraphy .com
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