Hand Calligraphy Bible Verses make perfect inspirational gifts for Anyone.
Leave a Lasting Impression with Hand Scribed Calligraphy: Biblical

Feel free to call with any questions that you might have about hand scribing your biblical piece at 716-913-4215 or email me at

Custom Artwork With Calligraphy

For you to have anything in the Bible hand scribed in calligraphy, you need to:

*Use the file upload below to send me your biblical saying. I can then tell you how many words you have. That will give you and me an idea of what size paper your piece will fit on.

*Choose a font style that you like. Pick one or a few of the photos that you like on my website to have your bible verses hand scribed in and let me know that in your Comments.

*Choose between a yellowish gold ( antique looking like the Declaration of Independence) or an off white parchment paper that has a look of small clouds OR solid off white paper.

*Water colors can be added to any piece. Minimum charge is $50. Just let me know if you would like this addition and we can discuss the details later. The time will increase by another 7-10 days. Rush orders are available for an additional fee. I usually recommend you taking directly with the artist once the initial order is placed.
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